NFP Automotive develops steering column and I-shaft system solutions for diverse transportation segments, including; automotive, commercial vehicle (truck and bus) and special off-road applications.

The NFP Automotive Engineering department is designed to collaborate with our clients engineering counterparts and mirrors OEM´s and Tier 1 engineering structures with an application and system integration group, including: Product and Manufacturing Engineering, CAD and R&D departments. These groups have the latest engineering tools, encompassing; universal joint velocity variation calculation software, V5 Catia CAD, Finite Element analysis and an NVH analysis system thereby providing state-of-the-art technical support for our customers.


Electrical Power Assist Steering (EPAS) I-Shafts and Upper Column Structures

The NexGen EPAS Slider and a robust Cardan Joint combination provide high stiffness and very low backlash throughout the life of the vehicle at the high torque levels created by the EPAS columns. The durable low axial force slider (NexGen EPAS Slider) functions well on diverse road conditions with no noise or irregular feeling (NVH) issues

NFP Automotive develops upper column systems for column EPAS including tilt and telescope adjustment and crash energy absorption (EA).

Manual, Electric and Hydraulic Steering Gear Columns and I-shafts

Complete standards (Non-EPAS) steering columns and I-shafts with key performance and safety features including; fixed or adjustable options, energy absorption systems, integrated NVH isolation systems, high rigidity and natural frequency are all developed in conjunction with our clients.

Comercial Vehicles

Fixed and Adjustable Steering Columns

A constant focus on comfort, ergonomics and lean design assures NFP Automotive leadership in fixed and adjustable steering columns for trucks and buses.

Innovative products include; pneumatically locking tilt and telescope column adjustment, durable electrostatic paint for maximum corrosion protection and high value stamped column structures.

Intermediate shafts for commercial vehicles

NFP Automotive has developed an intermediate I-shaft sliding system (NFP Truck Slider) with low sliding force and low lash throughout vehicle life for use with traditional and independent cabin suspension systems. The I-shaft design uses a parameterization concept for its I-shaft components (NFP truck slider and Heavy Universal Joint) to efficiently support the large variation in commercial light, medium and heavy truck and bus designs resulting in cost effective I-Shaft products with greatly reduced development cycles.

Off-Road and Special Vehicles

NFP Automotive’s depth of standard off the shelf features (sliders, adjustable locking mechanisms, column bearings, universal joints) are configured to be easily integrated into column assemblies allowing NFP to support the recreation, off-road and special vehicle markets with robust, ergonomically correct and comfort focused products.