NFP Automotive is a manufacturing company with a long history of utilizing technology. Our company has operated in the metalwork engineering and fabrication business since its foundation in 1955. The company produced and distributed knitting needles for the textile industry, then shifted to producing needle nosed bearings and finally air compressors. In 1980 to support the thriving Brazilian automotive market, NFP Automotive began producing steering columns.

In 1997, NFP Automotive received its first quality certification ISO 9000. In 2003, the company received ISO 14001 and FORD Q1 certifications and in 2004 ISO/TS 16949 certification. The company was awarded Volkswagen’s VDA 6.3 for production quality at the “A” level in 2008.

NFP Automotive is a dynamic company ready to adapt to market changes and involving customer needs. Our strong proficiency in developing and assembling steering systems and components for vehicles, buses, heavy and light trucks, as well as special sports or off-road vehicles, positions NFP Automotive as a provider of high technology products and components.

Along our 50 year journey, the company has supported various multinational companies from the automotive world, such as; Torrington, Ingersoll Rand, Timken and DriveSol. At January 2016 The NFP was acquired by company executive managers and now is a Brazilian company


NFP Automotive develops, manufactures and delivers innovative mechanical systems, products and services to the automotive and other metal working industries by continuously valuing and developing our associates.


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